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Karkhana Art co-lab began its journey with a spirit to become a platform for artists to thrive in a true sense. Our first exhibition at our innovative space received a phenomenal response from art enthusiasts, amateurs, and artists from all around the city. Going further, we believe we can collaborate with more and more artists to encourage them to experiment something new in the future.

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Dark Horse

remembering the past year, the “dark horse” reminds us of how we should take our learnings from the past year and move forward with hope and a zest to create newer things and make most of our life. the unlooked-for pandemic held different meaning for each one of us; while some of us couldn’t wait to explore the outdoors, there were some who appreciated the pause that it compelled us to take. unleashing the dark horse only to realize that the dark times took us closer to realizing that we can definitely get past this year.


being a first-timer at this particular experiential show, the artist begun with a new mindset and painted these victorious, majestic horses in just two days; and it was exhilarating in a way that the artist was able to pursue a newer dimension of his art using quotidian household mops & brooms only to feel liberated and cathartic; also calling it a “visceral interpretation of the pandemic.”