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Confluence is an art of merging; a coming together of different ages, experiences, and memories. Ruby, ceramic & mixed media artist, & Snehal, visual artist explored their needs to look beyond the confines of their environment and creative space. This process encouraged them to step out of a self-imposed belief system. This artistic collaboration and the space allowed for this wandering to happen without feeling lost. These works are layered with experiences, intimidating and exhilirating; simple and intiricate; layer by layer.

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Ruby Jhunjhunwala is a ceramic and mixed-media artist whose work is both monumental in scale and meditative in nature. Her initial training was with masters such as Late Daniel Rhodes, at Alfred in the US, and Gurucharan Singhji of Delhi Blue Pottery. Ruby has been working and creating with Clay for the last 40 years. Her practice has taken many turns and twists as she has evolved both as a woman and an artist.

For the last five years, she has been conducting clay and movement workshops `MUTTHI-a fistful of clay with the idea of acceptance and inclusion of the differently-abled people.

Ruby enjoys collaborating with young artists of any genre and together they create art that has a unique collaborative language. This process allows her to step beyond her own boundaries.

Snehal Goyal & Ruby Jhunjhunwala (L to R)

Snehal Goyal is a Pune-based visual artist, who received her BFA from Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts and went on to pursue her Masters in Visual Art from the MS University in Vadodra. Taking printmaking as her focal point, she goes beyond its traditional form to also include different media in her work.


Her ongoing work brings to life the relationships we form with the inanimate objects that are an inherent part of our everyday lives. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in galleries and fairs like Gallery Espace, New Delhi, and Neiman Gallery at Columbia School of Art amongst many others. She has been a resident artist at the Glasgow Print Studio and is also very passionately working to create ‘Vistaar Art Studio’ - a collaborative platform for artists.


well - renowned artist, Aditya Shirke experiments with large canvasses and household props to make something like never before, an innovative journey towards  a  “visceral interpretation of the pandemic”